Do you want to be a JOURNEY Brand Ambassador?

Do you feel you exemplify who and what JOURNEY stands for? We want to hear from you! Upload a video in your JOURNEY attire to our YouTube channel, Rock Your Journey, or to our email, Upload the video of you in your attire saying why you would be the perfect JOURNEY Ambassador. We are looking for people of all shapes, ethnicities, and walks of life. Let’s face it…each of us have a unique journey. Is yours unique enough? You tell us! Video requirements: Upload video to YouTube. You must use the tag #RockYourJourney! Our brand ambassadors have embraced their journey by accomplishing life goals, overcoming adversity and setbacks and constantly defying the odds. We are looking for kids with all types of interesting stories. Perhaps you’re a young entrepreneur who started a company or brand that is raising eyes, or you’re a child who has made their love of art into a passion, or maybe you’re a child who is surprising people with your experiment findings that rival adults. If we are talking about your child, we want to hear from YOU! We are also looking for tweens, men and women who have an interesting life story from where you started to where you are now. Perhaps you’ve dealt with abuse and are now a counselor, or you were left a widow, or maybe you’re a mom juggling three jobs, or perhaps an elderly person who shifted to a new career later in life. Maybe you are an athlete working tirelessly to fulfill your dreams in to be in the NBA, NFL, MLB, or the likes. Or perhaps you’re an entertainer or celebrity who is still striving to be the best YOU that YOU can be. Whatever your life journey has been…we want to hear from YOU! Click here to submit your brand ambassador video!