Are you Rocking YOUR Journey?


Journey is a fashion line with inspiration! We call it “Inspirational Wear Giving YOU Life Buzz.” We use the word Buzz to stand for empowerment, encouragement and energy through the use of words on high quality material which is comfortable, chic and trendy. Our goal is to inspire men, women, teens, children and pets to #RockYourJourney, by embracing the ups and downs of life. It’s a movement! What are you doing to embrace your Journey?
Well, you are on the right path –because you are here on this website, now it’s time to shop your journey wear. If you are already sporting your Journey- we want to hear your story AND we want to see you #RockYourJourney too! Click here to post on #RockYourJourney and be one of our featured influencers on our page. Your Journey starts here…lets embrace it together! Welcome to JOURNEY

The Signature Collection

This line is JOURNEY’S signature staple of the brand. The logo itself is a series of J’s rotating up and down, in all different directions to mimic the ups and downs of life that we all experience along our journey. When you see these ball of J’s… you know its JOURNEY. Shop Signature Collection

Shift Inspired Collection

What is JOURNEY? JOURNEY is inspirational wear giving YOU Life BUZZ! It is a modern and chic clothing line for every day trendsetters. The color palettes of the brand are always simple and classic. JOURNEY is stylish clothing for men, women, tweens, children, infants, and your four legged friends. And, it’s all about the inspiration! JOURNEY is inspirational wear designed to inspire YOU and provide constant inspiration to those around you who see you wearing it. Each and every thing produced by JOURNEY is meant to inspire by using three words in mind: “Inspire”, “Believe”, and “The Journey”. Let’s face it, we must be able to inspire others or be inspired, and believe along our own journey. Clothes help us all tell our own story! Shop Shift Collection

Man’s BEST Friend Collection

This collection is geared toward inspiring even your four legged friend. It’s inspirational wear giving your four legged friend the Life BUZZ! they need, designed for the trendsetter, chic and stylish pet! The beauty of this line…adults, baby and dogs can all dress alike under the journey label…comfort, exquisite, luxury styling at its best! Shop Man’s Best Friend Collection

My Mini Me Collection

This collection’s goal is designed to inspire even your infant or toddler. Here at JOURNEY we want to begin the inspiration mission as early as possible. The design of the Mini Me Collection is created where your infant and toddler can either match with mom or dad, or be their own JOURNEY trendsetter. This inspirational wear is giving YOU Life BUZZ!, catered especially for your small bundle of joy. Shop My Mini Mi Collection

Add to your Journey

Are there some JOURNEY add-ons you are in need of? Are there some additional accessories you need to help inspire you along your journey? This section is geared towards you – find your JOURNEY compliments here!

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